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ISPadmin - billing and management system

ISPadmin is a complex informative system, which covers most needs of Internet providers. ISPadmin overall simplifies and facilitates LAN administrators their work and it also enables even less technically proficient users to carry out the management, for example sales agents, call centre operators, secretaries etc. Thanks to ISP admin system the provider has immediately at the disposal all approachable information on clients, the problems solved earlier etc.

Comparing the parameters of ISPadmin application versions provided

Requirement of own HW
Technical support
according to menu
according to menu
Standalone modules
Possibility to activate SMS gate
System installation
Data import after installation
* * FREE
Application migration to other HW
* * FREE
Disk space
1 GB 20 GB depends on HDD depends on HDD
SSH access
Connecting to the net by VPN tunnel
1 no limitations no limitations
no limitations
DNS and SMTP server for clients
Access to SQL database
DHCP support
Support of checking PPPoE
Mikrotik configuration Backup
2 days depends on HDD
depends on HDD
depends on HDD
Timeout of changes in router conf.
20 min 5 min 5 min
5 min
Number of clients (max)
100 accord. to licence
accord. to licence
accord. to licence
Number of routers (max)
15 no limitations
no limitations
no limitations
Number of other devices in router (max)
5 no limitations
no limitations
no limitations
Number of services for a client (max)
2 no limitations
no limitations
no limitations
General services 
Number of invoicing groups (max)
1 no limitations
no limitations
no limitations
Number of system administrators (max)
1 no limitations
no limitations
no limitations
Other IP at Internet service (max)
2 no limitations
no limitations
no limitations
NAGIOS - number of groups notified (max)
1 no limitations
no limitations
no limitations
Automatic suspension of bad payers
History of clients´ graphs
7 days
Export of clients´ database
Export to the accounting systems
Back-up of dates
our data centre own HW our data centre
Height profile - Google Maps

* additional costs involved

Single purchase

The system is installed to a provider´s HW and located at the installation site. The provider ensures the system administration, backups and general maintenance by his own engineers.

Lease of system in housing centre

The system is practiced in our data centre in our servers. The system runs in an effi cient server cluster. Data is saved to the disc field SCSI RAID. The power is supplied with the redundant source that is connected to UPS and a diesel aggregate, which may guarantee a trouble free operation also in the course of a longer power failure.

VIP Lease of system

The system is installed to the provider´s HW and is placed at the installation site. The complete system safekeeping, applications of server security updates and the installation of ISP admin updating are carried out by our engineers. This solution is advisable for larger providers, who need maximum output and prefer reliability guaranty assured by our engineers. In terms of this option the VIP technical support is provided, which consists in priority problem solving, providing practical information and experience with proposals to expand the infrastructure of the net.

Individual modules


NETflow module records the field data in the net. Above all it means recording the headers of all packets, where the IP address, time, protocol type, etc. are saved. Every Internet provider is by lawful order obliged to store these data for a period of 6 months and to put them forth on demand of a responsible public authority.


A client, who requires connection to the Internet within the radius of equipment, will automatically obtain IP address from DHCP server and when they open the browser page, the login screen appears. If the user name and password is granted, the server authorizes the access to the Internet provider and chooses IP and other connection characteristics.


Module CMTS supports the internet provided through a cable television distribution (CATV). The module supports management of CMTS and Cable modems. Supported headends CISCO, ARRIS a MOTOROLA and also standards DOCSIS 1.x, 2.0, 3.0.


Module DEALER provides Internet providers with the possibility to register their commissions and payments to their dealers within one system. ISP keeps at disposal the contact and statistical information, including paid off and unpaid invoices. Each dealer has individual access to their account.

Mobile application - Task manager

Application for mobile devices to manage tasks assigned to an administrator / technician from ISPadmin. Features: Add a task solution, Direct call option to a client, Navigation to an address, Network topology map.